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Our Culture & Values

Learn more about what truly makes the office culture at Coalmarch by WorkWave so great (our employees agree!) and the core values we collectively share as a team.

Why Are They Important?

Our core values guide every decision we make as a company -- from hiring to onboarding to maintaining client relationships, and everything in between. While we strive to have a team that is unique, diverse, and brings different perspectives to the table, it's also important for our employees to have a set of shared values that we all live by. Our core values support our vision and mission and are the foundation of how we make decisions as an organization. They help us shape our culture, create an engaging workplace, and grow a team of people who are all of those things and more. And it’s these values that help us achieve our ultimate goal of Reaching Our Full Potential!

Be Authentic

We believe in the act of being genuine, living and leading with transparency and integrity, communicating openly and honestly, and building strong, trusting foundations. Key attributes of being authentic include honesty, transparency, results, impact, respect, and integrity.

Be an Impact Player

Everyone, no matter what their position, can make significant contributions as an individual, but also positively impact those around them. Key attributes include being proactive, making a difference, being a change agent, delivering results, being present, and being engaged.

Make a Difference

We are committed to going the extra mile and going beyond service and to build a better and more sustainable world. Key attributes include boldness, creativity, education-focused, ethics, sustainability, and mindfulness!

Empower Yourself & Others

We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together, keeping people at the core and our customers first. Key attributes include teamwork, community, communication, a sense of belonging, leadership, passion, and fun.

Embrace Opportunities

Each of us is responsible for owning our full potential and helping our company be a leader in the industry. Key attributes include being innovative, an industry leader, ahead of our competitors, dynamic, maximizing our potential, and constantly evolving!

Complete Transparency

Our mission is to learn, grow and succeed together, while delivering the best services to our clients and every team member is a vital part of that vision. That’s why we have quarterly meetings where we dig into our numbers - where we’re behind, where we're ahead, where we’re going from here - so that everyone is in the loop on what's going on and feels complete and total ownership over their contributions.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Coalmarch by Workwave

As a company, our mission is to foster a culturally inclusive environment for employees that is supportive of diversity and equity through awareness and intention. Our goal is to ensure ALL employees can be their authentic selves every day, and that everyone has access to the same resources to achieve success.

DEI Focused Organization

WorkWave is proud to have a global DEI Program, including regional committees, whose goal is to be resources and advocates for company strategies & policies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We aim to do this through reading, education, & discussion/brainstorming. Our goal is to make positive changes to every stage of the employee experience at WorkWave - from applying, to interviewing, to being onboarded, to growing a lasting career - with DEI being at the forefront of our goals.

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