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The Coalmarch by Workwave Core

Learn more about what truly makes the office culture at Coalmarch by WorkWave so great (our employees agree!) and the core values we collectively share as a team.

How Do We Define an Ideal Culture?

  • Everyone working towards a common goal
  • Healthy work/life balance
  • Manageable workloads
  • Time for professional development
  • Growth & advancement opportunities
  • A team to lean on, learn from, and collaborate with
  • Engaged, empowered employees that are recognized
  • Unmatched client results and retention

Coalmarch by Workwave's Core Values

Our core values guide every decision we make as a company -- from hiring to onboarding to maintaining client relationships, and everything in between. While we strive to have a team that is unique, diverse, and brings different perspectives to the table, it's also important for our employees to have a set of shared values that we all live by. These values - the 'Coalmarch by WorkWave Core' - are shared and exemplified by all of us, and are what ultimately drives our company forward and towards success: Growth, Resilience, Ownership, Excellence, and Fun.


We are committed to the growth of our customers, our company, and ourselves as individuals -- both personally and professionally. Here at WorkWave, we are lifelong learners and believe that there are always opportunities to get better. We look for people who show up open-minded, curious, disciplined, and helpful -- which leads to everyone in the company winning!


We are driven to succeed despite the circumstances. We believe a key part of being resilient lies in being adaptable and flexible. We’re big believers in being open to changes and new ways of thinking. We are not discouraged when change occurs; we are open to it -- and even excited about it! Showing up with a positive and optimistic attitude is what we’re all about.


We believe it’s our responsibility to own everything -- the result, opportunity, problem, solution. Everyone, no matter their position, has an opportunity to be a leader. We live our lives through ‘extreme ownership’ - the practice of owning everything in your world. We’re made up of awesome people who exemplify integrity, authenticity, accountability, and we are not afraid to hustle to get things done.


We’re committed to setting the highest standards in everything we do, for everyone we do it for. We want to be the absolute best at everything we do, and we want to do it with integrity and transparency. Whether it’s for our clients, employees, or vendors -- excellence is our standard and we believe it’s what drives our company forward. We are a group of smart, upstanding, and innovative people... and we take pride in the work we do.


We are engaged, passionate, and fulfilled in the work that we do and the people we do it with. We love our company lunches, fun events, and happy hours, but it's not just about those things.  We strive to provide a work environment that encourages you to have fun with the work that you do but also with the people you do it with. When you truly enjoy your job, it’s like we said …. you’re engaged, you’re passionate, and you’re fulfilled by your work. At its core, you get out what you put in and we want you to wake up in the morning wanting to be here. Come join a team that is ‘fun’ in every aspect!

Complete Transparency

Our mission is to learn, grow and succeed together, while delivering the best services to our clients and every team member is a vital part of that vision. That’s why we have quarterly meetings where we dig into our numbers - where we’re behind, where we're ahead, where we’re going from here - so that everyone is in the loop on what's going on and feels complete and total ownership over their contributions.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Coalmarch by Workwave

As a company, our mission is to foster a culturally inclusive environment for employees that is supportive of diversity and equity through awareness and intention. Our goal is to ensure ALL employees can be their authentic selves every day, and that everyone has access to the same resources to achieve success.

Join Our DEI Committee

We have multiple culture committees who meet to identify, discuss, and plan ways to promote and drive our desired culture throughout the organization.  

WorkWave is proud to have a global DEI Program, including regional committees, whose goal is to be resources and advocates for company strategies & policies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We aim to do this through reading, education, & discussion/brainstorming. Our goal is to make positive changes to every stage of the employee experience at WorkWave - from applying, to interviewing, to being onboarded, to growing a lasting career - with DEI being at the forefront of our goals.

We also have a ‘Core Committee’ whose mission is to cultivate a productive and engaging workplace for all employees. This committee’s ongoing efforts are dedicated to fostering our culture and upholding our core values through fun events, service events, and ongoing activities that enhance employee experience.

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