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All About The People

We’re all about people. Whether they’re customers or teammates, we believe the foundation of a strong business is dedication to attracting the best of the best.

Smart. Fun. Driven.

We’re a community of painters, spreadsheet nerds, marathon runners, and musicians. We bring our A-game to our weekends as much as our work days. We take our jobs seriously, but ourselves? Not so much.

What Our Employees Say

I feel that the Coalmarch by WorkWave team is no longer a place to just ‘gain experience’ and leave for a new, better career opportunity; we are that new opportunity. Between great leadership and a positive workplace culture,  it is truly a place to grow your career.

James Fekete

Creative Director

Each day I wake up WANTING to come into the office ... even though we do have that extra special perk of working from home once a week! I truly value my time with my coworkers. They are unlike any team I've ever been a part of and I'm lucky to call the Coalmarch by WorkWave team my family!

Rachel Kirkpatrick

Vice President of Client Success

My favorite thing about WorkWave is the people. The managers listen and are flexible to our needs, there’s very little office drama, and everyone seems to get along great. It’s a place where genuine friendships can be formed that extend well beyond closing time.

Will McMillian

Senior Full Stack Developer

I've never worked for anyone who truly cares about your professional and personal growth as much as WorkWave does. Between on-going training, support from every team member including leadership, and benefits such as our 38-hour workweek and 401(k) matching, WorkWave makes sure you know you're a valued member of the family.

Carey Shook, SEO Manager

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