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All About The People

At Coalmarch, we’re all about people. Whether they’re customers or teammates, we believe the foundation of a strong business is dedication to attracting the best of the best.

Smart. Fun. Driven.

We’re a family of painters, spreadsheet nerds, marathon runners, and racecar drivers. We bring our A-game to our weekends as much as our work days. We take our jobs seriously, but ourselves? Not so much.

What Our Employees Say

My favorite thing about Coalmarch is the culture.  But it goes beyond perks like summer hours and catered lunches for me - as employees, we're given the permission to ask for more and implement change if we see something that could be improved upon, and that's held true since I started.  But the 38 hour work week is pretty awesome too :)

Maggie Baker

Product Strategist

Each day I wake up WANTING to come into the office ... even though we do have that extra special perk of working from home once a week! I truly value my time with my coworkers. They are unlike any team I've ever been a part of and I'm lucky to call Coalmarch my family!

Rachel Kirkpatrick

Client Success Executive

My favorite thing about Coalmarch is the people. The managers listen and are flexible to our needs, there’s very little office drama, and everyone seems to get along great. It’s a place where genuine friendships can be formed that extend well beyond closing time.

Will McMillian

Back-End Developer

The best part about being part of the coalmarch family is just that - being part of a company that feels like family. People support each other and care for people on an entirely different level and it makes it easy to dig deep when necessary, and enjoy the good times fully!

Meg Parrish, Sales Executive

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